An easy-to-use plug-in that enables advanced numerical modelling for every geotechnical engineer

  • Cutting-edge numerical modelling technology without a need for specialised knowledge
  • Tested and Validated against numerous real life case examples worldwide

Why StopeX?

  • StopeX boasts a very sleek and easy-to-navigate user interface with real time helps. The primary advantage of using StopeX over using unsupported FLAC3D, or any other numerical modelling package, is that model construction time is generally reduced from 20 – 100 hours to 0.5 – 2 hours. StopeX also uses the built-in material model IUCM, a unique and accurate material model developed by Cavroc. This model was implemented to be detailed and versatile and has been calibrated and verified with over 100 mining cases worldwide. This means that, using StopeX, every geotechnical engineer can create accurate, bug-free models in little to no time.

More videos about StopeX

play-videoNumerical Modelling
play-videoCurrent Tools
play-videoWhat is StopeX?
play-videoHow it Works


play-videoRhino 1 Introduction
play-videoRhino 2 Exporting
play-videoStopeX 1 Setting
play-videoStopeX 2 Model Construction
play-videoStopeX 3 Rock Mass Domains
play-videoStopeX 4 Insitu Stress & Solving
play-videoFLAC3D Running the InputFile


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