The Next-Generation
Geotechnical Numerical Modelling

Enabling faster and more accurate prediction of future mining challenges


An easy-to-use plug-in that enables advanced numerical modelling technology for every geotechnical engineer

  • Up to 100 times faster model construction than any other numerical modelling software
  • Ability to apply simple linear elastic modelling method or apply the most advanced non-linear modelling method (using IUCM)


A more reliable and user-friendly tool for 3D slope stability analysis in rock

  • World's best practice numerical modeling for slope stability analysis
  • Easy-to-navigate user interface enabling mining operatores to carry out advance numerical without reliance on external consultants


A packaged modelling method to overcome the limitations of the current numerical modelling practices

  • Cutting-edge numerical modelling technology without a need for specialist knowledge
  • Tested and validated against numerous real life case examples worldwide

Our Mission

At Cavroc, we are committed to developing efficient, effective and reliable software in the fields of applied rock mechanics and geotechnical engineering.

Backed with extensive experience in geotechnical engineering, we have undergone years of research to develop software tools and algorithms for rock material analysis.

Through our research, we have addressed the many limitations of existing conventional design methods and software applications and developed advanced products, software plugins and geotechnical applications.

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Cavroc is pleased to have a formal collaboration with the Mining One Consultants