Open Pit

A more reliable and user-friendly tool for 3D slope stability analysis in rock

  • World's best practice numerical modeling for slope stability analysis
  • Tested and validated against numerous real life case examples worldwide

Why SlopeX?

  • SlopeX is an affordable and advanced plug-in to the validated and tested numerical modeling software, FLAC3D. Developed with a highly advanced constitutive model (IUCM), SlopeX not only provides a significant gain in accuracy but it is also capable of reducing modelling time by up to 10 times. Its easy-to-navigate user interface directs the user with step-by-step guidance on streamlined input parameters, allowing the user to avoid common pitfalls that are associated with 3D numerical modelling. This reduces the need for specialist knowledge during the model build thus enabling mining operators and consultants to easily generate FLAC3D models in-house without reliance on external consultants.


play-videoGeometry/Rhino Export
play-videoSlopeX Settings
play-videoSlopeX Model Setup
play-videoMaterial Properties, In-situ Stress and Solving


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  • Vakili, A; Watson, J; Abedian, B; Styles, T; ,SlopeX: a plug-in to simplify and fast-track advanced numerical modelling for open pit applications,Proceedings of the 2020 International Symposium on Slope Stability in Open Pit Mining and Civil Engineering,,,1047-1058,2020,Australian Centre for Geomechanics